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  • How to use 如何使用:
    Place a mask filter inside the OC Mask Put the OC Mask on your face covering your mouth and adjust the straps to fit. 在OC口罩裏面放置一片過濾網,然後戴上,調校掛耳,使口罩兩邊貼面
  • Cleaning the OC Mask 清洗方法 :
    Only use mild soap to hand wash the OC Mask gently, do not twist and let air dry. 使用溫和洗衣液,輕輕洗滌,再沖淨泡沫,請勿扭乾,然後掛在空氣流通地方晾乾。
  • Delivery Time : 10 days 交貨時間 : 10天
    Delivery Time : 10 days OC Mask(s) will be delivered by local courier in Hong Kong. For other countries, please contact us for information before purchase. 交貨時間 : 10天 香港境内 : 將由本地速遞公司派送至閣下填寫的地址 海外地點 : 購買前請聯系我們
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